A considerable amount of planning was required prior to the manufacture of this building. The Building is set in a  stunning rural location and it was therefore key that it sat well in the surrounding area despite the fact that it is 100 sq/m and situated on a slope. The use of  Feather Edge Cladding and a  green steel roof  helped it to fit naturally into its surroundings.i

The building has steel trusses to give a sense of space and an airy feel, we are increasingly utilising steel trusses  in our building more and more on any building with over  a 3.5 metre span as they provide and incredible strong yet cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution.

The building has a large veranda which makes a lovely place to stand and take in the wonderful views, but from a practical aspect it also works to shade the windows and doors in the summer to stop the building over-heating.

The building is fully insulated and double glazed to keep it warm in winter and cool in the summer.

The building is set on one of our “sub-frames” which consists of 150mm x 50mm tantalised C24 timber frame work with 100mm x 100mm posts sitting on  450mm x 450mm concrete slabs.


What sort of base will I need for my garden building?

  • Discover the best base to use for your garden building.
  • Learn why assessing the area is so important.
  • Find out whether a concrete or timber base is best.
  • Discover why a sub-frame is a quick and easy way to lay a base and why it’s great for undulating ground.
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