Open Fronted Timber Garage

The finished building

Installing the Green Oak Supports

Storage Area


Large car port with enclosed store for a tractor, the building had to have an increased eave height to 2.4m to facilitate the tractor; the Clay Tiles were recycled from the previous building.



·        100 x50 mm C16 Tantalised frame work

·        4mm WMP Ply Wood

·        Breather Membrane

·        25 x 50mm Tantalised Batten

·        32 x 175mm Feather Edged Cladding


·        Calculated Roof Truss System

·        Breather Membrane

·        25 x 50 Tanalised Battens

·        Clay Roof Tiles

Front Beams

200 x200mm Oak Beams, Mortised and Tenoned and structurally calculated to take the load of the roof.

This building incorporates two large parking bays; an enclosed Tractor Shed and a Store to the rear of the Tractor Shed. This building replaced an old concrete Garage and therefore the existing concrete based could be used. The building was over 30sqm so had to be built to Building Regulations. The building took about 3 weeks to erect because a lot of the building was made on site

What sort of base will I need for my garden building?

  • Discover the best base to use for your garden building.
  • Learn why assessing the area is so important.
  • Find out whether a concrete or timber base is best.
  • Discover why a sub-frame is a quick and easy way to lay a base and why it’s great for undulating ground.
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