Our Eco Shed at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show

We were delighted to be exhibiting again at this year’s Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show.  It’s such a fantastic event and, as a local Shaftesbury business, it’s important to us to be part of one of the region’s largest one day agricultural shows.


Poultons Dorset-Our Eco Shed at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show
Eco Shed – designed and built in Shaftesbury!

We wanted to showcase our exciting concept ‘Eco Shed’, that we’d designed and built in our Shaftesbury workshop, but to be honest, prior to the event, we were a little nervous about how the new building would be received – as using so much recycled material could be seen as a little bit radical! However, we couldn’t have been more wrong – we had so many amazing comments and great amount of interest too – we created quite a buzz!


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We were delighted to meet several people who had been stockpiling rusty tin so we should have plenty of stocks to produce more Eco Sheds, replicating our Show design, in the future!

Our ‘Eco Insulated’ Eco Shed

The weather was a little worrying at the start of the day, the sky was grey and the rain was coming down – which was brilliant for the Sedum Roof (!). We weren’t particularly worried about the weather ourselves though, as our Eco insulated building would have kept us nice and warm and dry but we were delighted that ,as the morning progressed, the weather did improve quite quickly and we even had some sunshine in the afternoon, so it all turned out great in the end!

Sedum Living Roof

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The Sedum living roof was a really big hit in itself, which is no surprise as they’re so brilliant! They have so many ecological benefits:

  • they act as a rainwater buffer;
  • purify the air;
  • reduce the ambient temperature and noise
  • encourage biodiversity – the birds, butterflies and insects really love them!
  • ……and they look stunning as well!

They’re definitely an all round winner!

We were delighted to meet up with many previous customers on the day, two of whom are now in the process of ordering further buildings with us – which is really great news!


Purchasing an Eco Shed or other outdoor building?

If you are looking for an Eco Shed or any other outdoor building then please do get in touch. 

Either call us on 01747 853067, email: [email protected] or why not pop by, we’d love to introduce ourselves at our Showroom in Shaftesbury, where the Show Eco Shed is currently taking pride of place!



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