Games Room

This building always has fond memories and it was nice to go back this year to do some routine maintenance. In 2008 the disused Scout Hut was removed from the site and the owner had Planning Permission to replace it with a garden room on the same footprint. The building was classed as a dwelling and therefore required Building Regulations. This was an excellent opportunity for Poultons to gain a better understanding of Building regs as we were increasingly being asked to produce larger, more complex buildings for a variety of different uses.

Poultons employed Architectects and Structural engineers to produce plans and calculations to meet the necessary legal requirements.

The building sat on a concrete slab with one course of bricks around the perimeter of the building and two further courses down the length to help support the floor joints, air bricks were included to maintain an airflow under the building. The floor was made using 50mm x 100mm floor joists with 100mm Kingspan between them, topped off with a 22mm x 150mm T&G flooring. The walls had an ex 19mm x 125mm Shiplap Cladding on 25mm x 50mm baton,Breather membrane ,100mm x 50mm stud work, 100mm Kingspan between the studs then a further 12mm Kingspan layer going over the studs, moisture barrier and finally a fire resistant plasterboard.

The customer  wanted the ceiling to be vaulted so the trusses had to be structurally calculated to take the concrete tiled roof. They were constructed from two pieces of 200mm x 70mm red wood  bolted and glued together to create a double thickness truss. Not only strong but aesthetically pleasing.

Fire Resistance  was critical as it was a prerequisite of the Planning Permission due to the proximity of a public footpath.  To comply with the  regulations a fire blanket was installed under the cladding which was painted with Intumescent paint giving the building fire proofing for 30 minutes to allow people to get away from the building.


“Our Poultons Dorset bespoke games room & studio building was built over ten years ago and we continue to be delighted with the quality of the materials, build and service. The games room has seen many parties and family events. The adjacent studio room is a lovely bright work space. The outside cladding has stood up to everything the UK weather has to offer and together with the double glazed window units have remained sealed and in good condition. The construction and well placed insulation has meant that the 36m2 sized room can be kept warm with only two small wall heaters. The building has only required routine maintenance and when contact has been made with Poultons for advice they have always been very responsive, friendly and helpful. We are confident that our building will have a long lifespan and have no hesitation recommending Poultons Dorset buildings.” C Grant-Wood, Salisbury


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