Is a Contemporary Garden Room a Good Investment?

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In the modern world, space is a real premium and if you need more space and don’t want the expense of moving, or the disruption of a loft conversion or an extension, then a Contemporary Garden Room could well be the answer, as they are relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of moving or building an extension.

Getting additional space quickly

The other added advantage is the speed in which these buildings can be constructed and installed. These types of buildings are usually constructed in sections in the maker’s workshop, so are relatively quick and easy to assemble on site, often in a day. Also, building an extension will almost certainly require planning consent whereas very often planning approval isn’t necessary for a garden building (although you will always need to check this with your local planning department).

Adding value to your property

A Contemporary Garden Room will not only provide you with a light, airy additional living space but could also add value to your property. Alternatively, if you ever do decide it’s time to move home, then you can quite easily take this stylish structure with you.

Multiple uses

Perhaps you need a home office or have a hobby that needs some dedicated space, or maybe the children need a playroom or a place to practise an instrument, alternatively you may just need a quiet place to relax, then these modern ‘designer’ buildings offer a very cool solution. They not only look great but with modern specifications, they can function just like any space in a warm, modern house.

Great ways you to use a Contemporary Modern Building
Home Office

These days it’s becoming easier and much more common for people to work from home, as long as you have access to the internet you can literally work almost anywhere. 

Working at home can sound amazing, especially if you’ve previously had to deal with a horrendous commute, but making do with working on the kitchen table or in a spare back bedroom can be quite stressful.

Having a bright, beautiful, modern, purpose-built home office constructed, that’s close enough to the house to mean the morning commute is a thing of the past, but with a sufficient distance away from the hubbub of the house to give you the space you need to think and work effectively.

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Hobby Room

We would all like more time to dedicate to our hobbies, having a hobby is a great way to relax and can allow us to do something more creative. Wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere that’s dedicated just for this purpose? Having an adequate space where you can really explore your hobby free from day-to-day interruptions is something we all need.

Play Room

Tired of finding somewhere for all of your children’s toys and games or just wanting more adventure space for the kids? Then an additional playroom could be a great solution. Having a dedicated space for your children to play, that’s outside but suitable to use in all weathers is a fantastic solution.

Music Room

Lots of people love the idea of either playing an instrument or having a space to enjoy listening to music that they enjoy. A modern, insulated, and possibly sound-proofed, environment for learning the drums, guitar or trumpet can be great, not only for practise but can also provide a wonderful place for performances too.

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Getting fitter is at the top of many peoples wish lists these days. Unfortunately, though we don’t all have time to spend away from the home at the gym. Perhaps you have dreamed of having your own home gym or perhaps you just want a quiet place to practice yoga. Either way a contemporary garden building could provide the dedicated gym space that you need.

What sort of base will I need for my garden building?

  • Discover the best base to use for your garden building.
  • Learn why assessing the area is so important.
  • Find out whether a concrete or timber base is best.
  • Discover why a sub-frame is a quick and easy way to lay a base and why it’s great for undulating ground.
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