Art Gallery

A 10 x 5 metre  temporary studio for an Art Gallery, the building had to fit well in to the surrounding area, with a “clean”, pleasant  and airy interior to facilitate the display of the artwork.

The building was situated in a rural location and was given Feather Edge cladding to ensure a  rural rustic feel coupled with a steel box section roof. Due to the temporary nature of the building, the steel roof  would be straight forward roof to dismantle / re erect at a later date. The inside is lined with MDF beaded board with an ornamental fire place at either end.

The building is fully insulated with Rock wool insulation to the roof, walls and the floor has 25mm “jablite”(polystyrene)




What sort of base will I need for my garden building?

  • Discover the best base to use for your garden building.
  • Learn why assessing the area is so important.
  • Find out whether a concrete or timber base is best.
  • Discover why a sub-frame is a quick and easy way to lay a base and why it’s great for undulating ground.
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