Ebbesbourne Wake Village Hall: Case Study

Erecting the base and walls

Preparing the Insulated Floor

A steel Truss system was incorporated to take the weight of the insulated steel roof

Interior shot showing the Steel Trusses

The finished building

The finished interior

Decking and viewing area on veranda


Ebbesbourne Wake Village required a new village hall to replace a previous structure.

The existing building was sitting on a concrete base with a brick course of 2 breeze blocks high but all in good structural condition which could be used for the new building.

The old building was separated with a partition, one side was for the Nursery School next door and the other for a store, the new building was still going to be divided up but instead of a store it was intended to be a venue for Village functions.

The building needed to be insulated and therefore, the concrete floor was insulated by placing a 50mm x 100 mm frame work down and infilling it with 100mm Celotex, then boarding over the top, Double Glazing was used for doors and windows. The building needed be low maintenance so two coats of a oil base treatment was applied to the external walls and a steel roof was fitted.

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